I have started producing art in forms of drawing and painting ever since middle school, raking 16 years of experience in the process.

For most of those years, I've been into digital illustration and design, favorite program being any drawing one such as Krita or Clipstudio.

Photoshop and even MS Paint have been in my arsenal since junior high. I used mouse until 2014 when I purchased my first drawing tablet from Wacom and haven't gone back since, sporting a drawing screen from Huion today.

I specialize in character design and illustration, colorful designs inspired by cute retro games, sega ones and nintendo alike. I even often get excited to draw other people's OC/FC's. Having commissions is one of my main enjoyment in art and it motivates me to try things that I haven't yet. Fun!

More of my art can be seen in DA, Insta, FA and even tumblr, links to: